Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Personalized and Customized Motorcycle Trading Cards

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Bongothedude Motorcycle Trading Cards
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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Who wouldn't like to see their motorcycle featured on a trading card? makes cool customized trading cards with a picture of your bike on one side and a list of the bike's features on the other. has launched the first custom trading card service specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts featuring authentic designs inspired by bikers and motor-heads. Just like a baseball card, Bongothedude’s custom trading cards feature a color photo on the front with stats/info on the back. The website allows bikers to choose from a selection of trading card styles and customize their own card by providing their motorcycle details and a digital photo.

Since Bongothedude’s debut at Cyclefest in Dayton, Ohio, the company has been asked by Easyriders to produce a custom trading card for the upcoming Easyriders Bike Show Tour 2010 – Invitational in Columbus, Ohio in mid-February. Eighteen winners in different classes of the custom bike show will each receive a double set of custom trading card designed by Bongothedude featuring their award winning MC.

“We knew that every day bikers were into it immediately and we are thrilled at the warm welcome from Easyriders and the hard-core biker crowd,” said Joe Moya, Chief Big Wheel at Bongothedude. “As a former MC builder and attendee of numerous motorcycle events, I saw the need for this product as we all are proud of our bikes.” Bikers can now show off the motorcycle any time of the year and when their ride is parked or in the garage with an authentic motorcycle trading card.

With new card designs to be released every month for bikers to choose from at, the company is growing rapidly and has created custom cards for individual bikers, clubs and award winning custom motorcycle builders such as E.C. Customs. Bongthedude is currently developing a line of custom cards for ROAR Motorcycles for women to be unveiled at Daytona Bike Week.

To promote the web site, Bongothedude is offering a free custom card set to 28 new customers in February. The first new order received each morning this month will be selected by the Bongothedude staff and will receive 15 free cards. This is a special limited time offer and is available through

Bongothedude specializes in custom trading cards for motorcycle enthusiasts and is sold through its on-line retail store. With motorcycle specific designs that are customized by motorcycle owners, they are the only custom trading card company on the planet that is specific to the motorcycle industry. Their high quality, PRO grade trading cards are made of 100% acid free heavy card stock with 2-sided lamination. To find out more, please visit