Friday, October 16, 2009

Thrown Cigarette Butt Ignites Smoker's Car

This car was destroyed by fire after the driver said he tossed a cigarette butt and wind pushed it back into the vehicle.
photo by Lance Hernandez

Thrown Cigarette Butt Ignites Smoker's Car
Station Wagon Of New Denver Resident A Total Loss
Written by Wayne Harrison, Web Editor

POSTED: 1:13 pm MDT July 16, 2009
DENVER -- A man who had just moved from Florida to Denver will be looking for a new car after his caught fire and burned Thursday.

Zach Schultz told 7News that he was driving southbound on Colorado Boulevard, near Interstate 70, shortly after noon when he attempted to throw a cigarette he had been smoking out the window of his older model station wagon.

Schultz, 25, said the wind blew the cigarette back into his car, catching it on fire.

Denver firefighters closed the southbound lanes of Colorado for a time so they could fight the fire, which sent black smoke billowing into the sky.

The car was a total loss.