Monday, January 12, 2009

iMuffs makes iPod go wireless

iMuffs makes iPod go wireless
I've been looking for something like this! If you are as addicted to your iPod as I am, then you'll sure be happy to hear about this new iPod gadget.

What this does is make your iPod music experience cordless. With the iMuffs you no longer need to worry about the wire connecting your headset to the iPod.

It works by plugging in the Bluetooth transmitter into the iPod and does not require complicated installation or Bluetooth pairing of any kind.

To control the music (play, skip track, volume) you simply press a button at the ear. Comes with a charger and connects with mini-USB.

Besides being quality headphones, you can also use these to make Noise-free phone calls. Make phone calls with the noise cancellation software over iChat or Skype.

By Joe

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