Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take Pride - No Butts out the window!

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There is a simple solution to the problem of cigarette litter at the Liberty Tunnels (and elsewhere): Issue citations to litterers ("Liberty Tunnels Qualify as City's Biggest Ashtray," Sept. 11). Although some people claim that law enforcement has better things to do, we need to ask our elected officials if they really value a clean city. It wouldn't take very long to change behavior after a few rounds of littering fines. All taxpayers bear the cost of cleanup due to some ignorant individuals.

Please show some pride in Pittsburgh. I have seen people with Steelers bumper stickers throwing cigarettes out the window. What kind of hypocritical statement is that? They're proud of their city, but they treat it like an ashtray? Don't tolerate litterers -- you can report them at

Assistant Director
SmokeFree Pennsylvania

Chili - the concept is pretty simple here, put the butts in the ashtray not out the window...

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