Monday, September 15, 2008

Tilted Horizons: New Motorcycle GPS Released (Funny Ad)

Tilted Horizons: New Motorcycle GPS Released (Funny Ad)

...a little reverse of fortune...the designer, art director, account rep, and creative director for this agency obviously do not ride - wouldn't you want an ad agency to have some basic knowledge of the market you are targeting, geez.


lamborghini diablo said...

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I think this motorbike company have released a beautiful design of motorbike.

Anonymous said...

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I think there are so many designs launched motorbikes but this design is so beautiful and there are so many people want to buy this motorbike.

Chili said... arguing the fine design of the bike, it's pretty sweet. My comment was based on the fact that the ad agency flipped the photo to suit their layout - without recognizing the fact that the bike would be represented backwards - bad art direction.

andrew said...

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