Thursday, July 24, 2008

Philadelphia, PA: Local Litter Prevention Group Cracks Down on Cigarette Butts

KYW Newsradio

by KYW's John McDevitt Posted: Wednesday, 23 July 2008 4:10AM

At Love Park on Tuesday, the "Keep Philadelphia Beautiful" organization launched a new campaign to remind smokers that cigarette butts are litter too. Efforts were continuing on Wednesday at City Hall.

There will be advertisements promoting cigarette litter prevention and public venue campaigns like the one here in Love Park, where a picture of a cigarette butt appears with the words "this is litter too." Pocket ash trays were also handed out.

Phoebe Coles is with Keep Philadelphia Beautiful and says more than 900 cigarette butts were counted in Love Park in one day alone:

"We actually sweep them up, put them in a bag, label it and put a date on it."

(McDevitt): "You where gloves I hope."

"Yes. I do a pre-scan and a post scan. So after we're done the promotion, we'll walk and scan and see what's going on."

She says a count of butts in Old City along Second Street where a similar promotion was done, showed a 37 percent reduction in cigarette butts on the street.

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