Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Real Military Motorcycle Helmet

Gentex Military Motorcycle Helmet MMH II
We've seen replica motorcycle helmets, and they usually look "cool". But here's the real thing. Introducing the Gentex Military Motorcycle Helmet II (MMH II) Open link in a new window!

Obviously, it's a motorcycle helmet, but it has a few things that other helmets don't have.

It offers ballistic protection (MIL STD 662 standard) using a 17 grain fragmentation simulator at a velocity of 1600 feet per second. That means when those SUV drivers start firing their hand guns at you, at least your head is safe. You can also use the helmet for parachuting, as long as you do not exceed 150 G average at 10 feet per second (damn, .. there goes the planned weekend HALO jumping).

Communication gear
The MMH II can be purchased with protective visors or goggles, your choice (bother are bullet proof, so those pesky bugs should not be a problem).

It can also be fitted with their communications cords and adapters, so you can communicate with the tanks and other armored vehicles (or other motorcycles).

You'll need to supply the communications gear though; the cords and adapters can be purchased from Gentex.

MBU-12/P Oxygen mas
What's going to make this helmet uber-cool, is that you can connect up the MBU-12/P Oxygen mask. Great when riding in a smog filled city. Or for night time riding, you can connect Night Vision goggles (Night Vision goggles are an optional extra).

Price: Don't know, but it's not going to be cheap...

Click here to read more about it (and drool)

Author: Mike Werner
Location: Normandy, France

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cool mate.. military shd be protected with these helmets for the job they are doing for the sake of the country. They are the real heroes