Tuesday, May 06, 2008

LitterButt User Goes YouTube!

A creative LitterButt.com user is utilizing the powers of YouTube.com to post video of litterers online, with permission of the local police department.

FYI: this is not about anyone taking away a person's right to smoke - this is about littering, plain and simple. So before you start accusing anyone of "big brother" & "nazi-like" tactics take a moment and think about what you are doing when you throw a lit piece of paper and plastic on the ground...any child knows this is littering...are you smarter than a fifth grader...prove it, set an example...do not litter.

It's unfortunate we have to resort to this type of "shaming" but from what I've read online and see on the news reports, it's working. The local municipality of Bensalem is cracking down on litter by fining offenders $300 andBensalem busting butts over litter video online. posting their names online. The local news covered the story and offenders admitted they didn't think a cigarette butt was litter -- watch

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