Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Great Bike Helmet Hysteria!

...this is a very interesting subject and is rather close to my heart since I ride motorcycles and bicycles. The writer of this blog brings up some very interesting points of view, great food for on, ride on. - The Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog: The Great Bike Helmet Hysteria - Introduction

...interestingly I grew up in a time without helmets (and a multitude of other nonsensical safety measures for kids). My brothers and I would ride like little Evil Knievils - doing jumps, speeding down hills - all sans helmets. And guess what, we fell down (a lot), and I have the scars to prove it, but amazingly we survived (and no brain damage - er well not according to my wife anyway) but the point is when did we become so safety crazy. Are we so ready to sue each other that we need to add more protection to avoid more lawsuits to regulate more activities to sell more products to to to...yikes...maybe its just about the almighty dollar afterall.

By the way, when I go mountain biking I do where a helmet due to the specific activity. When I ride around the neighborhood, at the beach, and through town to the store... you guessed it sans (without) helmet.

However, when I ride my motorcycle I have a full face helmet - keeps the bugs out of my teeth! I also believe it is a riders right to choose.

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