Friday, June 08, 2007

Reporting Litter Butts - some folks miss the point

Hello to my reader (s), As you know, one of my pet peeves is littering - it is such an easy thing not to do and I'm not sure how people can so shamelessly do it. Until now. is a great site allowing concerned citizens who actually believe in something like anti-littering - can go and tickle the not so funny bone of those that do - especially the butt flickers, since even their cars are equipped with little tiny trash cans the auto makers call an ASHTRAY. The creator of the site also posts some of the negative responses - and when you read them you'll understand why littering will never go away - these folks somehow equate anti-littering with anti-smoking and Nazis. Can you say Best of Jerry Springer...when you're done laughing, read on...pretty amazing really. And believe it or not, the butt flickers are all races, ages, and classes (yep even the rich old dude in his Mercedes is just as thoughtless as the 19 year old teen mom driving her 1987 Ford Escort).

YOU PEOPLE ARE NUTS: I don't know where to begin. You are pathetic, especially with the "rankings". Are there really losers out there patting themselves on the back for reporting the most people? What about doing some real good for society, like cleaning up trash. Reporting people is only going to make them hostile. And you have the balls to consider cigarette ASHES litter?????? And your cute little cards. You know it is inevitable that one of you freaks gets his ass kicked sticking one on someone's car. GET A LIFE!!

wow i am going to get reported: So wow you going to contact the state because someone complained and they going to send me colorfull letter that has no power behind it. Do you really think i give a crap. I am contacting you this way as you removed the forum. Awaiting your reply

Anti-Smoking Nazis a.ka. "Litter": "I believe this was the type of thing the Nazi and Soviet secret police encouraged, 'turning your neighbor in'. I don't think it was for anything as egregious as throwing a cigarette butt out a window. FYI, I never throw cigarette butts out...I have a "butt can" which I fill with baking soda. You zealots won't be happy until you see smoking banned. Why don't you at least be honest about your intent?"

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!: With our world the way it is I can not believe I saw a story about your page and felt compelled to write. I think there is a fine line between Nazi and US gov. lately. I do not want our gov. or others to record me in any way shape or form. I pay my taxes and I live by the rules of society and I feel you are invading everyones privacy. Remember our boys are over in other parts of the world fighting for FREEDOM!! Have fun folks... send emails tp:

I had to respond to this one...

“Damn straight!

This is not about freedom or government control or about smoking...plain and simple it is about littering. Not sure where you get confused but throwing a lit cigarette butt out your window and dumping a McDonalds wrapper 10ft from the trash can are EXACTLY the same thing - its littering. And Mr."I live by the rules of society" its against the law - it infringes on my space, my children's space, and most citizens - who know from the age of 2 that littering is just wrong. It's bad for the environment, it starts fires, it pollutes our water, and it can kill types of wildlife. So get some common sense, grow up and put your trash where it belongs (why do you think they put an ashtray in your car).

And don't you ever compare anti littering with our troops overseas - totally irrelevant from each other, getting killed is not their choice and it belittles the sacrifice they and their families make. YOU have control over where the litter goes so suck it up and lead by example. Every person can change parts of the world they live, making a conscience effort to not litter is one small thing for you but if every one picked up after themselves imaging how clean the world would be.


Bottom line is it's not about anti-smoking, it's plain and simple: do not litter. Lead by example, your kids will thank you for it.

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