Thursday, May 03, 2007

We are watching you...

...butt heads that litter, consider what you are doing with that cigarette butt before flicking it into the street...your inconsiderate actions are noticed - and if you have kids, they will learn from your actions and throw that McD's double fat cheeseburger wrapper out the car window - and grow up just like mommy and daddy (all nice and plump, 2 pack a day, littering fool).

Lead by example.

Fact: Operating from March 1997 to December of 1999 the Highway Litter Hotline recorded the license plate numbers of 25,000 Litterbugs and notified them that someone driving their vehicles had been observed littering.
Fact: At the close of its third year of operation, the Litter Hotline had close to 400 steady callers who regularly reported Litterbugs and other litter problems.
Fact: Litter causes thousands of auto accidents each year, and as many bicycle accidents, with damage to tires and tubes costing millions of dollars.
Fact: Each year thousands of animals strangle or choke from litter.
Fact: Every 12 minutes a fire starts in litter.
Fact: Many state agencies, including the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the Fish and Game Commission, the Turnpike Commission, the Boat Commission, spend millions of dollars on education and clean up in an effort to combat the litter problem.
Fact: Litter reduces property values because its sends a message that the community no longer takes pride in its appearance.
Fact: Litter is a serious problem in Pennsylvania because it impacts public health, business, tourism and property values and uses taxpayer dollars and energy that could be put to better use.
Fact: Litter is a source of more than 2500 fires annually in urban areas.

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