Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Trash White Trash White Trash White Trash...

Disgusted, appalled, pissed off, shocked, infuriated!

Leaving my home this am on my way to work, driving behind a white GMC truck (some lawn or tree service type with a chipper in tow) through my small peaceful quite and clean neighborhood (in the Main Line Suburbs of Philly), I'm enjoying my morning commute with a some "Howard".

The truck I'm behind stops at an intersection (Spring and Linwood), and normally this would not be worthy of wasting any attention; however, much to my amazement, the passenger (who for all I know is a hard working person) opens the door and throws beers cans, cooler, chip bag, and other trash associated with lunch (if your a white trailer trash out of work scum bag sitting on a couch watching reruns of Jerry Springer!) onto the sidewalk. The driver puts his turn signal on to turn right, then drives off.

Enraged I follow the littering a#@holes - am I'm missing something, is it that easy to litter, what the fuck are these numb nuts thinking (fill in blank with BLANK) - and watch as the truck pulls up to a row house, watch the passenger stagger to the door, drop his keys, and nearly fall into what I assume to be his flop house. You couldn't script a better example of stereotypical white trash - has our society simply given up on our pride, self respect, blahblahblah. Ever hear the saying "White Trash, America's Natural Resource".

Anyway, the driver of the same truck (license plate PA YNY9347) decided at this point to open his door and dump out his side of more breakfast of champions trash. AFter providing a piece of my mind to this dolt, he flipped me off, told me to fuck my self and to mind my own business. Well folks, littering on a public street is my fucking business, it's the business of every person who has some pride and common sense.

Beating a dead horse, yep! Preaching to the choir, oh yeah! Setting up my soap box, of course! But the fact remains that something so easy to do (not litter) is so easily dismissed, often described as "its only a cigarette butt" "1 gum wrapper can't hurt anything" "an empty beer can in my car is evidence if I get stopped"...

...- oh the insanity, the rationalization, the apathy (there's that word again).


Fact: Cigarette Butts threaten wildlife and aquatic animals that can mistake them for food. If filters block their digestive tract, animals may become ill or even starve. Animals will also ingest hazardous compounds such as cadmium, arsenic and lead that have been absorbed by the filters.
Fact: The filters in cigarette butts are made from cellulose acetate, a form of NON-biodegradable plastic. It takes about 15 years for a cigarette butt to break down in the environment. Pollutants contained in the butts can affect water quality.

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Anonymous said...

gotta love a blog that busts on whitetrash, I mean litter bugs!