Tuesday, May 01, 2007


This is for those careless smokers (you know who you are) that do not think their little lit cigarette butt can cause a fire after its been inconsiderately flicked to the curb...WRONG, INCORRECT, NAIVE, IDIOTIC, AND JUST PLAIN DUMB (Darwin Awards come to mind).

Case in point: sitting in my office - which has a lovely view of our parking lot from my open window - I smelled what could only be described as burning leaves or incense. A co-worker came into my office and said the same. The company is located across the street from a tree stump reclaimer so naturally we assumed - making an ASS-of U-and ME - that they were busy burning leaves or stumps or some foul smelling soot producing crap.

Did I mention that since it is Spring, the owners had the front area spruced up, including the fresh mulch around the entrance way. Did I mention it has been relatively mild and dry weather wise - are you forming a picture in your mind of what happened next...come on, you can do it...if this was a badly scripted movie with one of those obvious plots you'd be whispering in your date's ear that a cigarette dropped by the delivery boy that just delivered hot wings and cheesesteaks to our over weight employees was about to (say it with me now) start a FUCKING FIRE!

Picture it...bright sunny day, growing breeze out of the west, dry toasting mulch perfect for the brush fire about to be ignited by some butthead's hot and spicy butt! Luckily my keen sense of smell and the billowing thick forming outside our lobby drew my attention. Extinguisher in hand, and gapping employees vying for a window seat to witness the action, I started putting out the fire - funny thing about a dry mulch field, the heat spreads so fast that it ignites little fires at an alarming pace. What started out as a small contained camp fire, quickly spread out in a 10 foot circle. If not for a the hose in the production area and a handy outside connection, we'd be calling the fire dept - and as fast as the fire was spreading who knows how big it would have gotten by the time the men in red arrived.

Just because a careless smoker dropped a hot ash...

Don't get me wrong here, this is not about you fuckers smoking - I could care less and it is beyond me to tell you not to suck on that stick. This is about littering without conscience or thought that what you do with that butt is anything but littering.

Natural Life

Fact: Cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris USA has, for the first time, acknowledged that cigarette butts are a common form of litter and that improper disposal of cigarette butts in outdoor areas is unsightly and can pose a danger to marine creatures and wildlife. They point to statistics collected from the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup, which has consistently ranked cigarettes as the most littered item found.

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