Monday, April 23, 2007

Littering is not murder, but it is a crime...

...and easy to commit and to avoid. For the most part we humans are a bright and respectful bunch, however (you knew this was coming) how many times have we carelessly dropped a cigarette butt or a candy wrapper on the street, sometimes within arms reach of a trash can - yeah I've seen this countless times as I'm sure you have too!

It's easy to litter. You see it on the road side even in the most remote places, in neighborhoods and little towns. It's time we all take a bit more pride, effort, common sense, and thought to put litter where it belongs - and honestly folks, if you can't spend an extra 10 seconds to walk that extra 5 feet to throw your Doritos bag or butt into the trash can, go to Virginia where you can buy a gun without any hassle and put it in your mouth - but do it in the dump so someone else doesn't have to clean up your mess.
Fact: The person who does so is guilty of a summary offense and, upon conviction, may be sentenced to either or both:
  1. To pay a fine of not more than $300.
  2. To pick up and remove litter from public or private property...for not less than 8 hours nor more than 16 hours for the first conviction.

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