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by rainbow18
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On 3rd March 2007,in Kettering town centre in Northamptonshire, a woman smoker was seen by a environmental officer flicking her cigarette butt out of her car window whilst she was on her way to her place of work. By the time she got home she had a hand delivered letter, through her letter box. The letter stated that the environmental officer had evidence of her littering the environment namely with her cigarette end. She was fined an instant £75 that was to be paid within 14 days. Attention all smokers- The eyes of the government are getting everywhere.

I think its great that they are finally cracking down on littering of our towns and countryside. Does this mean that travellers will also be fined £75 per item of half an inch long? I doubt it judging by the waste alot of them leave behind at the side of our roads. Northants County Council- you have made alot of the youth service workers redundant, cut back on our police force, centralised our emergency vehicles to a call centre that covers several counties, Surely there are more viable ways of employing people who would be of more use to our county than specially employing someone to look out for Butt dropping. Where are your priorities??? 2cents...not sure why there is a need for having to tell smokers not to litter (a pet peeve of mine) AND YES IT IS LITTERING - but maybe getting hit with ticket would help curb the habit of flicking the butt onto the road, sidewalk, your lawn, etc... I am a former smoker, and guilty of tossing my butt on the ground - however I have realized (always have really - you do to) that it is a form of littering, just like tossing your fast food bag on the ground. Just remember folks, lead by example (your kids learn from watching you) - butts go in the trash - every little bit helps. Chili

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