Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cool Rock History Web Site

Welcome to the History of Rock Music.com
This is a cool fun site that I found on the web, enjoy!
Your own Rock History

A huge thank you to John Peel, for all the music you helped me to discover. You'll be missed by many.
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A project to build the history of Rock music.

This project aims at building the complete History of Rock Music, all the best rock groups and artist, all the best albums, with your participation.

It will explain all the different ages and origins of the Rock music scene, from the 1960's British Pop scene to Grunge, Hard and Punk; the important movements such as Mods and Hippies; dates that changed every thing; time lines; family trees and the concerts that mattered.

To compile, verify and edit the information, your help is required. I'm running this website in my spare time and not for money. Hence no ads or popups... Whatever fact or figure you know about a group, just use the "Feedback" option to add your info and join the project.

At present I have more than 250 Rock groups and artist listed, they are only on this site because you reckon they have influenced Rock music in some way and deserve to be here. Wherever you read "Need an Author" means that I could do with your help...and need info.

You'll find polls and forums of all types so you can voice your ideas, and check out what other peoples' thoughts are. You'll be surprised about some of the results.

A huge thanks to the following for adding content to the site

* Sam
* Orville Lee
* Bart Milligan
* Gram Lindsay

I'm also looking for forum moderators and more editors to help out...
Check out this age of rock

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